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Network Wiring

The Problem

If you have the option to run wires instead of running wireless you will realize greater performance, reliability, and security. However, there are some challenges:
  • Using the correct cable.
  • Correct connections.
  • Running raw cable
  • Wiring wall outlets
  • Planning for growth and recovery

IT Brief-Case™

Building your network properly will not only help people work better but also help people work happier and both provide a legitimate business case. However, what about the benefits of planning?
  • Planning for growth and scale will reduce future costs. It makes little sense to have to scrap an existing infrastructure if you need to grow.
  • Documenting connections and layout to allow for easy repairs or to recover easier from disaster.
  • Prudent choice of materials

Solved @ VSands

Because the of the inherent properties of a wired network, it makes for a well established foundation to a network as a whole. Wiring a network can be quickly, with little planning, and still function. Virtual~Sands solutions seek to answer the problems and cost benefits above. Our experience has offered good processes and procedures to bring network devices together with wires.